Is there a fitness tracker that monitors blood pressure?

Fitness trackers aids in the monitoring of our overall health. There are applications on our mobile phones which we can use to monitor our health. Such health patterns can be your heart rate, to find out if you are stressed or not. If could be used to monitor your caffeine intake also. The most popular used is the tracking of steps. Most apps will determine the number of steps you have to cover in a day based on your weight recorded into the app. The fitness tracker then monitors the number of steps which you take daily.

Fitness trackers can come in other forms asides from apps on your mobile phone. The could also be in form of a wristwatch which is used in measuring your vitals. Vitals are your pulse, what time you sleep, when you wake up and a host of other functions. These fitness trackers duty is to keep you in excellent health and ensure that any problems are caught early. The beauty of fitness trackers is they look like regular jewellery when you wear them. Some are slim and trendy and can be worn with most outfit just like regular accessories. It is even considered cool to have a fitness tracker on you.

There are a number manufacturers who produce fitness trackers for the monitoring of overall health. But the question on the minds of most people is if there is a fitness tracker that monitors blood pressure? Monitoring your blood pressure is of utmost importance. Any problems with your blood pressure has the ability to cause you serious problems and also prove to be fatal especially when you have high blood pressure. Having a high blood pressure (hypertension) could be caused by a diet which is high in salt, cholesterol and fat, health problems like diabetes, chronic kidney problems.

High blood pressure (hypertension) can be treated by physical exercise to help reduce your weight, managing your stress levels, quit smoking, eating a low sodium diet, the use of home blood pressure monitors or the use of prescribed medications for your condition. The dangers of having a high blood pressure is there are no symptoms. The condition might exist, and you are unaware you have it. Over time if not detected and treated will lead to serious health conditions like a stroke. This is the reason why high blood pressure is called the ‘silent killer’.

This underscores the reason why most people want to monitor their blood pressure at every point. But just as the name implies, fitness trackers are mainly tailored towards certain health concerns like sleep, activity, food, weight, stress level, water intake, heart rate. They help you track how far and how long you work out, how many calories you take in, how well and how long were you asleep, how much do you weigh, are you stressed or normal? And lastly, your daily water intake. These are basically the functions of a fitness tracker.

For the monitoring of your blood pressure, your best bet would be the use of a blood pressure device. Although some people say there is a fitbit blood pressure device, well we would update you once we have it confirmed that the device has been released. For now, there are different blood pressure monitors which you can use to track your blood pressure. One of the best in the market now is the Withings BPM Core. It has a BPM, ECG and also a digital stethoscope. It can be used to identify asymmetrical heart rhythm which could put an individual at the risk of a stroke, used for initial detection of valvular heart disease and high blood pressure. This monitor is crucial for the tracking of your health status.

For fitness trackers the best you can get for yourself would be the Fitbit Charge 3. It has a sleek looking band, it is affordable, can be used by someone who isn’t as active, it has a big OLED display, it is big, has high resolution, backlit screen, touch sensitive, highly responsive, great software package in it, GPS ability to link up to your smartphone and map out routes you take. This fitness tracker is also has some smart features. So this isn’t just a fitness tracker but also doubles as a smartwatch. You have features on it like call, text, calendar, notifications from your smartphone, you can reject or accept calls. You also have access to some third-party apps.

However there are not fitness trackers presently which monitor blood pressure especially wrist watch trackers. Big company like Omron might have a wearable fitness tracker waiting to be approved for release this year but this is subject to FDA approval. There are rumours that is should be fairly accurate. There are some fitness trackers which claim to have blood pressure monitor but most people complain that the data generated by these trackers defer greatly from readings conducted say, in a hospital. Most of these fitness trackers accurately monitor other points in your overall health. That said, most of the companies are aggressively moving towards the areas of overall health so there are clear signs of innovations with their fitness trackers in years to come.

There are some companies out there which claim to have blood pressure monitors in their fitness trackers. They claim the readings are accurate. We would advise conducting a thorough research on these companies and products before buying.

For fitness trackers what you get is sleep monitoring, calories counter, steps, water intake, sunlight exposure, heart rate, oxygen levels, stress management, your weight which is recorded by you into the device. as for blood pressure monitoring you have to buy a blood pressure monitor as no fitness tracker presently has this feature. Blood pressure monitors are readily available in portable sizes which you can carry around. They come in different sizes and from different brands. Asides going to the hospital, they are your way of checking your blood pressure.

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