How to Use iPad to Teach Your Children New Languages

The Apple iPad is more than just a tablet for amusement: you can use it for businesses and now, for education. With this modern tool, adults can now teach children without the use of paper.

A lot of Baby Boomers consider modern technology as means that make the current generation dumb and delayed but that is not completely true – in fact, modern technology has advanced society even further without a moment’s delay. Some kids of the current generation act ignorant with tech such as video games, smartphones and live streaming only because they do not know how to use them properly in a disciplined way.

As the world keeps changing, so are the means of education. And now, teaching kids is more convenient than ever thanks to compact technology. If you wish to teach children on Language, the iPad can be your handy tool.

How the iPad Works Well for Education

The Apple tablet does not just cater to casual gamers and those looking to show off their techies because of the status quo; in fact, the iPad – or any Android tab for this matter – is a powerful tool; a driving force that can mold children to learn and prosper. Thanks to the accessibility of free apps and affordable programs, you can easily educate young students on Language anywhere at any time.

Apps Apps Apps

All you need to have is an internet connection and an iPad. The rest go down to the Apple App Store. Just type the word “language” and you get access to multiple language-based apps that you can choose from. If you ask me which are the best ones, let me sort them out for you:

  • Duolingo
  • HelloTalk
  • Memrise
  • LinguaLift
  • Babbel

However, there are more out there; sky’s the limit. Although I do recommend Duolingo the most because of its easy interface and access to multiple languages without needing to pay.

Do Role-Play Video Calls

Nothing gets the kids to understand Language better than applying what they learned. You, as a teacher, will want to set an example. How? Through the use of video calls. If you are teaching a specific language – let’s say Spanish – do get to ask a Spanish person or any friend that fluently speaks Spanish to converse with you via a video call.

“But where am I going to find one?” The internet lets you reach out to people from foreign lands – if you need to hire someone, freelance websites such as Fiverr are full of applicants that are willing to help you out. But if you do have a friend, ask them to assist you – it will save you money too.

Use Videos and Other Educational Shows

You can always spectate live shows with the kids using the iPad. As long as you have 4G mobile data or high-powered Wi-Fi, you can let the kids watch educational shows that fully engage with the viewer.

Audio-visual presentations always make teaching livelier for kids.

The Power of Presentations

If you want to mix traditional teaching with postmodernism, you will want to capitalize on the iPad’s features – particularly when presenting audio-visual aids. These days, you can connect to projectors and large screens wirelessly by either using a dongle or Bluetooth. No longer are you required to write everything on the chalkboard or whiteboard when everything you need is in a small tablet. Besides, you can add gifs, videos and cartoony images to your lessons. It is also beneficial to the environment since you do not waste any physical material or consume paper.

Easy Access for Teachers

Even if you teach other subjects like Science, History and Math, the iPad – or any modern tablet – is a very reliable tool that every teacher needs. It simplifies visual presentations and your whole curriculum can be stored within one thin device.

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