Product Review: Two Sleek Items from Pitaka


I’ve been both using the Pitaka Magcase Pro and Pitaka magnetic Qi charger for about two weeks now and absolutely love them. As soon as I opened the box, everything instantly felt of high-quality with precise and exact foam cutouts and magnetic closures.  Upon installation, the case fit perfectly on my iPhone 11 Pro, with all the openings and cutouts lining up perfectly. The grip and feel of the iPhone in your hand is phenomenal, as the carbon fibre back makes the case light and a pleasure to hold. My phone feels unbelievably well-protected in this case. The bumpers around the case protect the camera, screen and all aspects of the phone. I love the texture on the sides providing lots of grip ensuring my phone stays in my hand. My iPhone could not be any better protected and safe than in this case. I love the fact that the metal plates in the case don’t add any bulk or noticeable thickness whatsoever, but instead they allow it to be used with a huge range of magnetic accessories. Also fantastic is the fact that the phone will still be compatible with your other wireless charging devices if needed.


The wireless Qi Charger with built in magnets is the perfect companion to this case. It is sleek and made of high quality materials.  The best part is that the metal plates and magnets ensure the phone is always perfectly aligned for charging. Up until receiving this particular charger and case, I had actually stoped using wireless charging entirely. This was because I had too many mornings where my phone wasn’t lined up just right and as a result  hadn’t charged overnight. This combination of case and charger is completely foolproof, there is no way it can’t line up as the magnets ensure precise placement each and every time. I know that my phone will always be charged and I don’t have to mess with any cables.  Not only does this wireless Qi charger look great, but the function of the MagMount is simply outstanding. Either (or both) of these products from Pitaka will make any iPhone user very happy this holiday season.


Check out the product listings here:

Magcase Pro case

MagEZ mount Qi Desktop charger

IMG_7937 2

*Pitaka was kind enough to offer me these products for a non-biased review. Pitaka also carries a wide range of other tech products. Check out their website at

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