3 Best Ways to Call Back Private Numbers

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When your cellular phone starts beeping, the normal thing that you’ll do is checking the person calling you before you answer it. However, there are situations that when people check their phones, they will know that it is a private number. When an unknown individual number reaches your smartphone, their personal information and identity are not visible. That number might show as a No Caller ID, Restricted, Blocked, or Unkown to your device.

While there will be doubts when trying to answer blocked or unknown calls, and if you don’t answer the call, you won’t be able to return the call or know who’s calling you. The positive thing is that there are many methods to trace the caller’s identity and answer that private number’s call. With that, you can also learn other ways to do a private number call.

Searching for That Private Number Using Reverse Number Lookup

If you already traced that number and ready to know some details before you return the call, you can do the reverse phone technique. Just place the contact via the Yellow Pages or Google search to know if that number belongs to a cellular phone or landline. People can also locate the phone’s registered location using the website.

In other instances, people are required to spend money to get the full report. But that payment will be refunded if that service is unable to provide you any details about that unknown caller.

On the other hand, if you’re having trouble with spoofed calls, the reverse phone method can’t provide the needed information. However, it will give you some hint that potential scammers or robocalls are reaching out to you.

Set up Call Tracing in Unblocking Callers/Private Number Calls

Another way to know the identity behind that restricted, private, or blocked call is by using a call-tracker or tracing. There are service providers that provide its users the call-tracking service to end unwanted calls that might be harassing, obscene, unlawful, or threatening. After you receive the call, dial #57 from your mobile device or *57 from your landline and follow the instructions.

After the attempt, a message that is recorded will inform the user. If the company is successful in tracking the phone number, name, and address of that unknown caller, then the information will be given to you.

Permanently Hiding Your Caller ID

You can only dial *67 if you want to hide the information of your caller ID on the number that you’re using. If you don’t have any idea how to conceal it on each of your calls, you always need to dial the digits first before you call someone. On the other hand, if you choose to hide your caller ID in every phone call in the future, you need to block your contact number permanently.


Now that you have ideas on how to call back a private number and reveal their identity, you can use this guide in a real-life situation. With this method, it’s easier to avoid creepy, persistent, and annoying people who call you even if you are busy. Your phone settings and these methods are enough to deal with them.

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