5G Mobile Technology Generation – Pros & Cons


The next big revolution to happen soon in the mobile world is the launch of 5G technology. It is going to come up globally in 2020, and all leading cellular operators in the US and UK have already started carrying out trials on this new technology. It is going to change the movie technology in a big way as the users can get internet connection up to a speed of 10,000 Mbps on their supported devices. The use of mobile internet connectivity is on the rise the world over as it gives the users the freedom to access anything and everything online when they are on the move. Smartphones are an essential part of a human’s life, and developers are looking to offer the best services for the customers. The biggest step towards this is the introduction of 5G mobile internet.

What Is 5G Mobile Technology?

5G or the fifth generation is the latest mobile network technology that makes internet connection reliable, fast, secure, and have proved coverage. The response time will be greatly improved by the use of new technology. The speed of surfing the internet will be increased manifold, and the users can get details they are looking for on their smartphones in a matter of a few seconds. Upgrading to the 5G cellular technology will not just offer quick internet connectivity, but it provides the perfect platform for developing countries to get linked with the World Wide Web and enjoy everything that is on offer there. There are a wide range of features that the 5th generation technology provides that will be very useful for professionals, governing bodies, students, and the common human being at large.

What Are the Changes That 5G Will Bring?


There are new and improved changes that have been happening in the mobile internet world right from the 1st generation. 1G brought analogue voice service, and 2G brought the digital voice like CDMA. The 3G technology allows mobile users to gain access to mobile data and the 4G LTE offered fast and improved internet connectivity for handheld devices. Likewise, 5G will also come out with improved and better technology to offer a different mobile wireless system for the users.

As it is still in the nascent stage, there is not much known as to what revolution it would bring to the online world. It is one of the easy ways for smartphones and tablets to send and receive data without the need for any wires or connectors. It has wireless connectivity and can be used to enable drones for delivery purposes, driverless cars, home nurse services through robots, etc. There is also a chance for 5G cellular technologies to replace the Wi-Fi networks used in offices and homes. The biggest thing to happen with its introduction would be a serious upgrade in the download speeds, and it is expected to go up to 10,000 Mbps. This is more than 3 times faster than what the current 4G networks offer. So, once it is through, an entire movie can be downloaded on to the device within a matter of seconds. It will be a big boost for all online gambling players as they get to play the top mobile casino games on their phones with high-quality. There is no need to worry about playing rich, and top-end graphics filled titles on smartphones anymore. It will get loaded on the screen in seconds, and the player can play it without any lags or issues. It will offer high-end and fast video and audio streaming, HD video chatting, and many more.

How Does 5G Work?


5G network has a similar type of encoding used in the 4G LTE systems, and that is OFDM. It will be making use of wavelengths between 30 GHz and 300 GHz, and they will be measured in millimetres. This is why it is considered to be millimetre wave technology. As it comes with very high frequency, it will ensure bigger and better bandwidth that allows many people to send and receive a huge amount of data at one given time. It will be coming out with lower latency and greater flexibility than the LTE option due to its air interface technology. The new radio air interface will boost OFDM to offer better and increased scalability and flexibility. It will expand to plenty of new service areas apart from offering faster and improved mobile broadband services.

Pros of 5G

There are quite a lot of advantages that users can enjoy by shifting to 5G from 4G.

  1. High Speeds

With this technology on smartphones, the user does not have to worry about buffering at all. Downloading a movie at high coverage areas will be very quick and instant. It will help gamers to get access to their favourite online sites on the move quickly and without any buffering. Gamers will get to try out games at mobile casinos from anywhere without worrying about connectivity issues and disturbances. The range of top mobile casino sites is extensive, so everyone will be able to enjoy the high speed of the services.


  1. Opens Doors to New Technologies

The network speeds will be increased, and hence there will be a plethora of new options opening up for smartphone users. The speeds of sending and receiving messages will be increased significantly. This will allow for the smart device technology upscaling, and the near future will be the reign of AI and VR and many more options.

  1. No Tower Congestion

The 4G LTE has not made life easier and simpler for the people living in rural and small areas as the cellular towers get congested most of the time once it reaches its full capacity. The 5G will come with increased bandwidth, and more phones can get connected to a tower than before. The users can do HD video calling, access all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, etc., and also get to watch the OTT platform content without any buffering and lag.

  • All critical applications like healthcare, financial transactions will be done quickly and securely.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) will get a major boost as the ecosystem will turn out to be conducive for exchanging data between the smart devices.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will start to play a major role in people’s day to day lives. The cloud systems will be in high demand and would be used for streaming music and videos, software upgrades, data navigation, and also navigating driverless cars. It will help in the vehicle to vehicle communication to ensure a safe distance between the driverless cars.
  • Aids in the instant transmission of videos and data in the telemedicine industry to help surgeons to operate remotely using robots.


  • As there will be an increase in the bandwidth, there is bound to be less coverage, and this will affect the users badly.
  • It would be a costly affair as the old devices will not be competent enough to suit 5G and need to be replaced.
  • The setup of the network and its infrastructure is also very expensive.
  • The speed of 10,000 Mbps cannot be achieved in most parts of the world as it lacks the required technical support and infrastructure.

There is no doubt that 5G technology is going to create a huge revolution all over the world once it hits the ground.

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