The Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

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Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

It is the year 2020, and technology has become an inescapable part of our daily lives. Though traditional ways of going about certain things still live on in our culture today, more and more of the systems at home and in the workplace have inculcated technology in their basic processes.

But what about schools? Though old-fashioned ways of teaching and learning are still in place, most educational systems have already embraced technology in the classroom – instruments and systems that are applicable to both the instructor and the student.

Though there is still value in the old-style kind of learning and teaching, there are undoubtedly a lot of benefits to using technology in the classroom. A lot of schools, such as American International College, have already observed a lot of these benefits within their community. Here are some of them:

  1. Using technology makes things quicker.

This is probably one of the reasons why technology was invented in the first place, has caught on, and has been instilled greatly in our daily habits. As with things in the home and in the workplace, the use of technology in schools has increased the efficiency of taking in and storing information. It has also helped students decrease their physical load, as a lot of resources have been compressed in soft formats that can easily be retrieved via their tablets or smartphones. Though books in print are still available and used, additional online resources have helped augment learning, and provide avenues for supplementary information.

Processes have also been streamlined. A lot of applications are available for students and teachers to allow submission and collation of work in a more orderly fashion, eliminating the need for extra steps as a lot of finished work can be submitted online.

  1. Technology has made the educational process more dynamic.

As apps and virtual learning spaces are continually being developed for supplementary instruction, students and teachers get to experience a more dynamic way of exchanging ideas and learning new things. This leads to another benefit, which is that –

  1. Technology increases engagement.

Via technology, the learning process has become more bespoke to the individual’s unique needs. This lets each person learn at their own pace, and break down the learning process according to their own personal preferences. This autonomy towards the learning process increases engagement, compared to when information was handed down in a set way by the teacher, with the student having no choice but to accept it the way it was given. This improvement has fostered better retention and appreciation as well for the subject matter being tackled.

  1. Technology supports collaboration.

With communication and file sharing becoming easy as 1-2-3 via technology, collaboration becomes automatic and fun for all those involved in the learning process. It helps people learn to work together more efficiently, and in the process learn more through the sharing of information. This further increases the learning to be gained as more people get to be involved in the whole project or discussion.

These are just some of the ways embracing technology in school can greatly benefit you. As more and more educators are catching on with how this benefits them and their students, the trend will definitely be in support of more communities to adapt to these developments.

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