8 Must-Have IOS Apps For Writers and Remote Workers

In today’s technology-driven world where everything is fast and on the move, things like from fast food to fast smart phones everything is on the move, people want to do multitasking rather than sticking around one task, thanks to the mobile technology which has changed our world in many aspects of life.

When it comes to mobile technology it reminds us that we want everything on our fingertips, this is why writers are also looking for new ways of writing to get more flexibility on the move, thus we need to have the best writing applications on our fingertips.

Now when you think about a writer a picture comes up in our mind, writer with a stereo typewriter punching down the keys along with quenching pots of coffees.  

And it still exists especially that coffee part, but the way of writing has changed especially for the remote workers.

8 Must-have IOS apps for writers and remote workers


Grammatical issues such as commas, full stops, wrong spellings, past, and future tenses are a big factor to recognize the content being good or bad, the Google dislikes poor content.

No one is perfect neither is any expert writer, Many content writers keep on taking tasks and throwback into the corners assuming that we can do it when the deadlines will be closer.

But when those deadlines come closer, they are found rushing to complete their assigned tasks, in between rushing and writing many writers miss out on grammatical issues.

To avoid giving a bad impression of poor English grip it’s better to use Grammarly, with extra features like:

  • Very useful for non-native English writers and beginners
  • The second line of defense for authors and bloggers when publishing by themselves
  • Checks overuse of passive voices
  • Comes up with awesome suggestions to replace wrong words
  • Helps in editing lengthy sentences into short sentences
  • It shows you how readable is your content with different smileys
  • One of the best self-analysis tool,
  • Tells you what is your writing style?
  • Helps in improving your writing skills

All these features make it a must-have tool for on move writers or remote workers.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a part of G Suite, it helps in collaborating simultaneously between different writers and the editors or the clients as compare to a word processor it’s easier to use.

Other features are such as:

  • Makes sharing and transferring your files over any device quiet easy
  • It’s a part of Google Drive Cloud storage which allows storing files, images, writing notes, and more along with a recovery option
  • As compare to word processor it shows the changing history of the document, Gives access to anyone and edit it or comment and even highlight the changes that need to be fixed
  • Gives you additional add ons such as the thesaurus, Lucidchart diagrams, and template gallery to make your editing more flexible and easy on the move.  


No matter you are a beginner or an expert writer we all end up in misspelling words and then wait for the redline to indicate and correct the spelling, it has other features such as:

  • A great choice to rely upon when you are looking for the meaning of words
  • Helps in giving you synonyms and antonyms
  • For anyone looking to increase their vocabulary, this is a must-have choice,
  • The dictionary that goes where you go
  • It aids by pronouncing the right word 
  • Frequently engages you with vocabulary quizzes
  • It’s a free application but offers you more if you go with a premium package such as a medical dictionary and encyclopedia.

Plagiarism checker

To have a check and balance on your quality of the content, checking vocabulary, readable score.

How SEO-friendly is the content, you need professional software assistance so without a plagiarism checker it’s impossible to publish your content or book.

Other main features:

  • The user interface is very simple to use
  • It shows the readable score of your written content
  • Files can be checked in any format such as Pdf, Docx, and Txt
  • Just by uploading any of your files, it will check sentence by sentence to give you accurate and fast results
  • It compares your document with more than millions of documents available online, and if at all there is a duplication it shows you the relevant source
  • Helps in writing content by pointing out the errors such as misspells, vocabulary or grammar mistakes
  • Safety is the top priority so your privacy or content is not shared or saved in the database or anywhere else.

While collaborating with other team members it’s the most effective plagiarism checker application perfectly designed for any mobile.

Dragon naturally speaking

It’s a dictation writing software, many times when you feel like missing out on word count, you can use this application to catch up with the deadlines as it converts speech into text, and this itself is a skill to learn.

  • It improves your speed and accuracy of writing
  • Very smartly picks up your language writing styles through scanning your emails, journals, emails, and Google Docs files
  • Elevates the stress of typing
  • Helps in writing emails or texts and even social media posts

This is good to go application when you can’t have access to the keyboard especially when on the move.


Vellum is a self-publishing book application, it has got numerous of features that assist you in publishing your own books over different platforms such as on iTunes and few other features are as such:

  • Creates beautiful looking print books and e-books in a few minutes
  • Adds store links and help readers to buy your other books
  • Connect with different social media platforms
  • Arranges and assembles your book sets
  • Helps in getting in advance feedback regarding your upcoming books 
  • Includes best templates and custom drop caps

So for professional writers, it’s a must have application as it gives you exposure of all means related to publishing your books.


Every now and then writers come up with new ideas, new topics especially when you are traveling Evernote is the application to look forward.

 In very simple words it’s like sticky notes you can save down those ideas, phrases, or anything on the Evernote application without looking for a pen or a specific diary just open up the application and save it. Other features include such as

  • It can synchronize automatically on multiple devices to edit or share your thoughts
  • You can save online resources in one specific folder
  • Edit rich text and sketches
  • Your notes can be accessed offline
  • A huge amount of storage space it provides to store all your ideas and inspirational thoughts  
  • With the premium package additionally you can capture a business card’s photo through the Evernote camera, to save all contact information
  • With a paid package, you can have unlimited resources to save on these applications such as GIF’s PDF, images, video clips and etc.


One of the must-have applications is Trello, From HR operations to sales and marketing in every aspect of the field we need to collaborate with our team members to track the progress or keep updating the milestones while having all of them on board at the same time.

Trello is the best application bringing joy, fun, and flexibility to teamwork, and other features include:

  • Very simple to use just log in, join a team and see the progress
  • An online board to place the tasks of a work plan especially for remote workers
  • Very efficient to organize sticky notes in different categories with drag and drop facility
  • Beautiful templates or themes to make your team look more creative
  • Different cards with labels, colors, in progress, completed, time and date of the task assigned and so much more
  • You can attach your documents in different formats from your device and tag in those team members
  • Personal profile builder to have a unique identity of all team members

No specializations or technicalities required to run this application, just an email, and there you go.  


There are thousands of applications available in different online stores, but honestly, you should use some of them to take your writing to an advanced level. These apps will certainly help you to save your inspirational thoughts, share, track progress and save time while you are on the move.    

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