The Guide To Choosing the Right Smartwatch for You

If you want to buy a smartwatch, but you don’t know what to look for, don’t worry, here we show you how to choose the right one for you.

The points that will be mentioned here will cover everything important. This is a guide that denotes four important elements that must be taken into account when choosing the right smartwatch.
1. Design

This aspect is in the first place because it is known that everything that is beautiful, attracts attention immediately and that is why it is important to choose a smartwatch whose design the user likes very much. The variety is huge because there are practically all kinds, colors and shapes, so here are some aspects to help you get an idea of what you are looking for:

Square or round?: The smartwatch figure was first square, but knowing that there were people who liked traditional designs, they returned the circulars, so now there are two sides that are equally good.

Strap: They will believe that a strap is the least that influences because it is fixed, but when it comes to smartwatch everything changes, since these can have several extendables that are exchanged when desired.

Crown or buttons: With this feature it refers to how they like to operate the watch, with a series of buttons or with a crown that can be rotated, again it is a matter of taste and how the user wants to handle it. So when you go to the store and you are in the smartwatch section, you should start choosing according to what you liked at first glance.

2. OS

After the love at first sight has emerged, you must start to fix the internal characteristics that the watch has started with the operating system, because depending on it, certain functions can be performed, since everything depends on its compatibility with the Applications. Based on this, here are the best known OS:


This is the operating system that Apple uses in its smart watches and is based on iOS, which means that it has very similar tools and can only be used with the brand’s devices. With the latest update (watchOS 4) there will be new areas for the watch, which use Siri and several machine learning techniques that show notifications more intelligently. The new version of watchOS 4 will be compatible with all current Apple Watch models, but you will need to have an iPhone with iOS 11 to update.

Android Wear

This is the Google operating system and is compatible with Android-based smartphones that are updated with version 4.3 and onwards; and with iOS from iOS 9. With Android Wear 2.0, the spheres can be customized so that contacts, sports statistics or your next appointment can be viewed.


This operating system is used by Samsung and Galaxy Gear watches, as it is based on Samsung’s Linux platform. Although it is a system very similar to Android Wear, it does not have great compatibility with other devices, since it is only with Samsung smart watches and not with all its models, however.Other Operating Systems

In this section are the other operating systems for smartwatches that are not as popular as the previous ones, and these are Pebble watches and Sony that also have their own OS, the best thing is that they can be compatible with more phones despite the fact that the variety of apps is less varied.

3. Watch SCreen


These are the most common screens used in cell phones, because they are realistically represent colors, however, they produce more reflections under sunlight.


Unlike the previous one, the colors here do not look so real, but they are more visible when there is sunlight.

Electronic ink

No, it is not an ink for notebooks, rather it is the one used for electronic books, therefore they only show black and white colors and look good under sunlight.

4. Functions

Last but not least, there are the functions offered in a smartwatch, because everything really focuses on them and the benefits they bring to users, so you should think very well that you want a smart watch and not. This can be analogous to when someone takes app, he must have made sure he really needs it.

The above are the 4 most important points in deciding the best smartwatch for you.

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