iPad 101: THE BASICS

I will post my iPad basics here. Please share this page with colleagues who are not as familiar with the iPad as you:

  1. Dropbox for Dummies: Why You Shouldn’t Need Your USB Key Again

  2. App Updates on your iPad: Should You Download Them?

  3. How to Prepare Your iPad for the New School Year

  4. How To Manage Storage On Your iPad

  5. Part Two: How To Manage Storage On Your iPad

  6. How to easily add or change an email address to iMessage and FaceTime on your second iPad or iPod touch

  7. Just get an iPad? Here are some tips for setting it up!

  8. Evernote for Dummies

  9. iMovie 2.0 for iPad

  10. Manage your iCloud Storage Effectively

  11. Replace your Apple TV Remote with any old remote you already have

  12. How to Use Voice Dictation on your iPad or iPhone


  14. 15 Unique and Creative Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom

  15. How to use AirDrop – iOS 7’s most important new feature for teachers

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