Essential Apps for Teachers

Here are all the direct links to my reviews for my Apps for Teachers:

App #1: Music (free)

App #2: Dropbox (free)

App #3: Skitch for Evernote (free)

App #4: Pick-Me ($.99)

App #5: GoodReader ($4.99)

App #6: Camera (free)

App #7: Numbers ($9.99)

App #8: Diptic ($.99)

App #9: Media Downloader fka Downloader Elite ($1.99)

App #10: Drop Manager for Dropbox ($.99)

App #11: Display Recorder ($1.99)

App #12: Flipboard (free)

App #13: FaceTime (free)

App #14: SloPro (most-viewed app) (free, with $3.99 in-app purchase option)

App #15: Photosync ($1.99)

App #16: WordPress for iOS (free)

App #17: iSmug ($1.99)

App #18: uSmug ($.99)

App #19: Notebook for iPad – SMARTBOARD iPad app ($6.99)

App #20: Pinnacle Studio ($7.99)

App #21: Pinterest (free)

App #22: TeacherKit (free)

App #23: Squaready (free, with $.99 pro version available)

App #24: Poster for WordPress ($3.99)

App #25: Game Show Sound Board (free)

App #26: AppsGoneFree (free) A solid App finder for free apps that are usually paid apps

App #27: AirFile for Dropbox (free, but soon $2.99)

App #28: TubeBox Pro for YouTube ($1.99 iPad $.99 iPhone)

App #29: Screenshot Frame Maker (free, with $.99 upgrade)

App #30: Grade It! (free, with $.99 upgrade for letter grades)

App #31: OnSong ($7.99 Musicians app)

App #32: Penultimate, a handwriting and sketching app (free)

App #33: Mathtopia+, a fun and addictive math review app.

App #34: Instatube ($1.99) – a replacement for TubeBox, a great YouTube client

App #35: Pick Me! ($1.99) – Another popsicle stick style student picker that records correct responses!

App #36: Snake and Ladder HD (free)

App #37: Pocket (free) – Save your reading for later!

App #38: Fractions+ ($.99) Fun and addictive fractions game from the makers of Mathtopia+

App #39: Markup ($1.99) Annotation app for marking on iPad

App #40: Common Core Lesson Planner ($4.99)

App #41: Sock Puppets (free, with optional add-ons)

App #42: Musi (free) Stream and create playlists for YouTube music

App #43: Mailbox (free) Attach your Dropbox files effortlessly!

App #44: IFTTT (free) Automate your iPhone and iPad!

App #45: Test Producer ($9,99, but on sale all summer for $4.99!) Create beautiful tests right from iPad!

App #46: Benson Handwriting ($2.99) Teach your students proper handwriting from iPad

App #47: Silent Light ($3.99) Manage your class during work time!

App #48: Storypanda (free, with in-app book purchases) Create your own versions of the books with students!

App #49: Daybook Pro (free, with $1/month subscription after a 60 day free trial)

App #50: ProTuber (free) Save YouTube to Camera Roll. Grab it while you can!

App #51: Write to Read ($6.99) Create books with your students

App #52: USA Illustrated Atlas ($1.99) Explore the USA with great illustrations and games

App #53: Capo Touch ($9.99) Incredible practice tool for guitarists of all levels

App #54: Activity Spot and Frolyc (free) Teaching tool that promotes differentiated learning with iPads

11 Comments Add yours

  1. You left out the absolute best note-taking app that there is for students to make seamless workflow a possibility. You have GOT to do reviews for this workflow (I know, I know, its not all about workflow-but a good place to start for beginning teachers).

    Schoology > Notability……..BAM…….DONE! >>Throws mic down<<

    They kick Goodreader's, evernote, Penultimate, and Dropbox for student collection of work in the BUTT!
    My district of 10,000 that is 75% 1:1 is jumping on the bandwagon.

  2. hopy says:

    Very good for everyone, best suited to those with teaching

  3. debagrant says:

    As a pre-service teacher, undertaking an ICT subject and interested in how to use an iPad device to enhance my and my students’ learning, I was very interested in your blog about iPads vs. PCs in Teaching. I suppose it is like a lot of technology, its use is limited by your creativity.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! Let me know if you have any other questions/ideas for future posts!

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