8 Common iPhone Issues and Their Solutions

Although the iPhone is comparatively better than its Android counterparts, you may still have some issues, as is the norm with electronic devices. 

Thankfully, you can diagnose and troubleshoot most issues on your own. 

Let’s dive in. 

Problem #1: You can’t turn on your iPhone

If you have an iPhone and it won’t turn on, first make sure that it can charge. Put it on charge for a few hours, and then check if you can see the Apple logo on the screen. Some of the other potential causes are physical damage to the screen and an accidental spill. 

Inspect your phone for signs of damage and make a note of when it occurred. If you accidentally spill a liquid on your phone, depending on how much it was, you can probably salvage it by using silica gel to dry your phone. The setapp.com website’s guide walks you through what to do in all of these instances and how to fix your iPhone. 

Problem #2: You can’t connect to your WiFi

This could be a problem with your router or internet service provider rather than your iPhone. First, make sure your router is on and restart it. Then check if your WiFi is working on other devices. If there is no outage, then you should also restart your iPhone and try connecting to the WiFi again. 

Usually, this solves the issue. As a last resort, you can go to your Settings -> WiFi and scroll down. Make sure the ‘HTTP proxy is set to auto settings’.

Problem #3: You can’t make calls from your phone

Again, it is likely that your network provider has some issues or congestion due to a high number of calls being placed. But if that is not the case and you have all bars on your phone, then it may be possible that a reset of your network settings can help the issue. You can find this option in your Settings. Choose Reset and then Reset Network Settings.

Problem #4: Your phone freezes while using an app

This is possibly due to a corrupt app or your device being too cluttered to run a memory-intensive app:

  1. Make sure that the app itself is not a problem. Check out online reviews to make sure that it is legitimate.
  2. Make sure the app is updated. Sometimes these updates do not get installed automatically, causing these issues.
  3. Make sure your internet is stable, and your phone has enough memory to run the app. 

Problem #5: You can’t update your phone

Are you having trouble updating your iPhone? You may have a slow connection, so be sure to check that and rule it out as a possible cause. Next, you can try connecting your iPhone to your Mac and restarting in recovery mode. 

This will allow you to see the option to update your phone, and given that your data is likely backed up, your phone will have the latest version of iOS along with your data that was backed up. If you don’t see the update option, restore your phone to factory settings and try again. You can later update your phone with all of your backed-up data.

Problem #6: Your camera is not working

Make sure nothing is obstructing the physical lens on your camera. If you still have issues with the camera, it is most likely a hardware issue that will need to be looked at by authorized service personnel. If you dropped your phone, make sure you make a note of that and verify if it caused physical damage to your camera. 

Problem #7: Your iPhone is not charging

Usually, this is because of the cable that gets frayed. Replace the cable with a new one or get a braided version that is more durable and less likely to break off. Also, make sure that the outlet is turned on. Next, you want to check the charging port. 

Sometimes debris and dirt in the port can prevent your phone from being charged. If you are not too sure about cleaning your port, have an expert do it for you. 

Problem #8: Your iPhone is slow

This could be due to a bunch of issues. Either your iPhone has not been updated to the latest OS, or your device is older, and so has performance issues. It could also be caused due to a single app or an overall hardware issue. 

One of the most common issues is having almost full storage. This affects your phone’s performance and its ability to run fast. Make sure you get rid of all the clutter and save your data to iCloud or other cloud storage services to avoid maxing out your phone’s storage.


Most iPhone issues can be solved with a simple reboot. If the issue persists and you’re unsure of the solution, take it to an authorized center to have an expert recommend the best fix.

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