App #1: Music

The music app, formerly known as the iPod app, is one of my most frequently used apps. No longer do I need to first find, then fiddle with scratched up CDs and CD players and stereos like when I first started teaching.

Although I still own most of the CDs I have bought over the years, it is quite easy to import (i.e. rip) them digitally, using a computer. Now I have everything in one place.

ALL my music is within itunes, and songs can be found within seconds. I just need to make sure my speakers are turned on and are attached to the iPod or iPad’s 3.5 mm jack.

Add to this Apple’s new service iTunes Match, which uploads your entire music/mp3 collection to iCloud, I am able to play any file that I own. I am able to access my entire collection on any device that I own, without the hassle of syncing to iTunes. iTunes Match has already come in handy a couple times this year: When teachers requested certain songs to be played during all-school assemblies, I simply checked whether I myself owned the song, and, if so, downloaded it immediately onto my iPad or iPhone to play directly through the sound system.

This app will be especially useful in primary classrooms, where students love to dance and sing. I organize playlists divided by grade and unit. Music teachers will enjoy no longer having to misplace or lose CDs. PE teachers can play warmup or “pump up” music during games and classes.


What’s needed:

  • Music app (already pre-installed on all iOS devices)
  • iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
  • mp3s (bought or ripped from your CDs)
  • speakers (computer speakers will do just fine)

Here is a screenshot of some of my playlists on my iPad:


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