App #46: Benson Handwriting Program [Promo Codes Available!]

Handwriting, many will argue, is becoming a lost art in this world of technology that the students are growing up in. Why not amalgamate the two, instead of having to choose from one or the other? I believe this app is perfect for doing just that. A lot of my students are incredible typists, but can't do cursive writing at all. Hopefully, with apps like this one and proper instruction from dedicated teachers, this does not become the norm.

“Benson Handwriting by Perfection Learning will give your child a head start by teaching him or her correct letter formation.”

Ensure your students/children know the proper foundations of handwriting with the Benson Handwriting Program.

Founded by two educators in 1926, Perfection Learning provides high-quality, innovative curriculum solutions to K-12 schools across the country and internationally. All of the major programs support the Common Core State Standards.

Student and teacher workbooks have been around for ages. Now, discover the features of this program with this intuitive iPad app (iTunes link, $2.99USD), ideal for students in K-6!

Features include:

  • both capital and lowercase letters
  • both manuscript and cursive formation instruction
  • independent practice with a self-check after each lesson
  • students and teachers can choose any order that letters and numbers are taught

Each lesson includes a Three-Step approach:

1. Directional stroke by stroke animated instruction (available in both English and Spanish!)

2. Guided practice (tracing the letters/numerals)

3. Independent practice/review with self-assessment for accuracy

Students are always just a tap away from reviewing the lesson in case they forget a direction/stroke etc.

Here is the menu, with all the upper and lower case, along with numerals and some punctuation. Notice that you can select manuscript or cursive on the left:

Here is the self-check (step 3). After independent practice, tap a button to view the original writing.

Check out for more information about the program and the apps.

Promo Codes for the Benson Handwriting Program.

As usual, I do have EIGHT free promo codes to give out. Here is how to receive one:

If you have Twitter:

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Please send me a promo code. I will be evaluating it for the 3rd grade cursive program at our school, St Elizabeth. I will share my findings with the IT person for adaption into our iPad carts.

  2. Jason kemp says:

    Great app for practicing to handwrite. The ability to choose which letters or numbers to practice is an asset.

  3. Wendy Anderson says:

    There is less and less time for handwriting every year. This will help “sneak” in some instruction.

  4. Michelle Houston says:

    I’m a Special Education and can think of several students that will benefit from this app! I will use this with my students and share the results with my IT Point Person as well as the entire staff. Please send me the promo code. My e-mail address is

    M. Houston
    McKinney ISD
    McKinney, TX

  5. I am a Pre-K teacher and we were just told that we have to use the Benson method of handwriting for our name papers and letter practice. However, we were given NO workbooks or other support materials. It would be wonderful to have a promo code for the IPAD App. Thanks!

    1. Sorry. The promo has expired.

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