ProTuber for YouTube [free] – Save YouTube Videos to Camera Roll!

**Update November 2013!

Looks like this app has been pulled from the App Store. If you were able to download it, do NOT update!


Grab this app while you can! ProTuber (free, universal) allows you to download YouTube videos onto your Camera Roll. This is a feature that I have discussed during my reviews of TubeBox (App since removed) and Instatube (still available). Having the ability to download onto Camera Roll gives iOS users lots of possibilities in terms of “editing” them within apps such as iMovie or Pinnacle. One could definitely use his/her imagination by stitching videos and adding in their own title and transition effects.

Like TubeBox, downloading videos for offline viewing gives many benefits. Best feature is that you will save on data bandwidth (download videos while you have wifi access, play them while you do not, like in the car, on a plane, or out of town). Within the app, you can create and customize folders to better manage your offline content. Have you noticed recently the amount of video advertisements on YouTube lately? With this app, you can avoid seeing any unnecessary and inappropriate ads in your class by saving the videos first, then watching them, even without wifi or data!

ProTuber allows you to choose the video quality of your download (1080p, 720p etc.) You can download up to the highest resolution that the video was uploaded in. Also, you are able to sign in to your YouTube account to access all your favourites and playlists. I did, however, experience some difficulty playing some videos from many of my playlists. Background playback is a great feature as well: Lock your device (turn off the screen), but still have the option to listen to the videos (great for music, jogging etc.).

Once saved within the app, you can save to your Camera Roll:

Truth be told, YouTube does NOT generally like apps that are able to do this, so download it now before it gets pulled (like TubeBox did). The save-to-Camera Roll function does not maintain compliance with YouTube's terms of service.

The “lite” version is free, while the $1.99 in-app upgrade will give you unlimited downloads (not sure how many you get with the free version exactly). There is support for both Vimeo and Dailymotion. Finally, Airplay will work if you have an AppleTV to beam videos to larger screens, such as TVs or through a projector in your classroom. Reading the reviews in the App Store, crashing seems to be a common complaint, but it hasn't crashed once in my testing so far.

Check out this quick video (not by me) to demonstrate how to download videos to your Camera Roll:

Have you tried any of these “Save to Camera Roll” type YouTube apps? Let us know in the comments!


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Kwan says:

    Sad to see Protuber gone. I still have the app on my phone but cannot download any more.

    Are you aware of another similar app that not only will will you download YouTube videos AND also able to export them to the camera roll? At least export to a PC/Mac via iTune file share or WiFi server?

    Been looking for a long time and would appreciate it if you can help!

    1. greatua says:

      I suppose Softorino YouTube Converter should do the job 😉
      Hope it will help!

  2. Milo says:


    I have a problem with this app. I bough pro version and downloaded some videos from youtube.
    Everything was working perfect till 2 days ago. I downloaded another video and after that my folders disappeared. I had only last video shown in downloads.
    In iphone settings I can see app still takes almost 3GB of space – so these videos are there but I cannot access them.
    Was thinking to delete app and reinstall but as it’s not on iTunes anymore – deleting it will mean freeing up space on my mobile but also deleting this app for good which I DO NOT KNOW.

    how CAN I EITHER:

    please help

    1. You might be out of luck. Try installing it on another device under “Not on this iPad”.

      Instatube is not as flashy but still works fine. Saving to camera roll is still working on it.

    2. Cb says:

      Did you put your downloads in folders? I had my files disappear too and discovered that if you create new folders with the exact name as the ones you used prior to the ‘disappearance’ the missing files magically reappear.

      1. Interesting. I don’t find it a big deal if videos disappear as I can just re download them from YT.

  3. silvia says:

    can anybody help me??

    1. Were you able to download protuber? If not try instatube or tubeboc

  4. Sean RB says:

    i cant install protuber!! 😦

    1. Yes, its been a while now. YouTube yanked it off.

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