5 Advantages of Using the iPad in the Classroom

The use of iPads in the classroom brings a multitude of advantages. Here are 5 of them:

1. Internet Access

An iPad is a great tool when surfing the net. During class discussions, students could make use of this tool for reference aside from their books for information and ideas. Writing of assignments and creation of projects which are mostly done with the help of internet is easier and less stressful with this device around.

2. Entertainment

Students who are on class break time often spend their time chatting with friends, playing their favorite sport or preparing for their next class. Others prefer to sit in the corner and listen to music, watching videos or playing online games and apps which can all be done in an iPad.

3. Communication

In times when students get sick unable to come to school, video chat in iPad can solve the problem of keeping them up to class discussions and lessons. There are schools in the United States which allow their students to still participate in the class at the comfort of their home while their family members attend to their needs.

4. Interactive Discussion

It is becoming harder to keep students engaged in class discussions. They easily get distracted and become uninterested with what’s being taught to them. With the presence of iPads in classrooms, students can expect interactive discussions and more engaging learning environment which is more difficult to attain in the traditional academic process.

5. No mess note-taking

The iPad offers various note taking apps so use of journals or notebooks won’t be much needed with this device at hand. One great example of iPad app where students can take notes of their class lessons is Evernote. The great thing about this app and most of apps available for download in both iPad and iPhone, aside from being free of charge is its ability to sync notes to any kind of device.

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With the easy access and availability of various educational materials and apps helping students in their academic tasks, an iPad is slowly becoming a powerful tool in the educational field. It changed the face of education, bringing it on a higher level and making classroom learning a lot more engaging, easier, lively and fun.


Jennifer Joplinn is a Texas-based Writer and a Principal Research Associate. She currently enjoys working for a company offering professional editing assistance. Aside from writing and researching, she finds time to travel and do her favorite sport, swimming. You can reach Jennifer on Twitter and Google+.

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