New Features of Kahoot That You Will Love

Kahoot has been a fun and interactive assessment tool for me during the past 3 years or so. It is a fun challenge for students to work in teams and come up with the correct answers. Points are always motivating, and the music soundtrack has been excellent. I have played in almost every single one of my classes. In the younger classes, I have started by playing using one device. Where students are put in two teams and individuals put their hands up if they know the answer.

Often, I would get asked the question by keen students: “How do I play Kahoot at home?” Unfortunately, this was not an option really for them.

Now, with a new update, Kahoot is now in fact able to be played at home, both individually and as a challenge from teachers. Game play does not have to be at the same time; instead students can choose to play at their convenience. Teachers can now assign challenges to all their students as “homework”. They can play on all devices, from phones to tablets to computers. Teachers have full control on how long they want this challenge to be active.

You will need a Kahoot account to be able to do this. Once logged in, choose a Kahoot that you created, or one that you chose from the thousands of other teacher-created Kahoots, and copy the pin. You can either tell students the pin on the homework board, or email/post a game link. If your students use Edmodo, or Google Classroom, post the links there and they will see it upon logging in. Teachers can even use the app itself to challenge their students.

Finally, teachers will be able to access all the student data. Perfect for assessment!

Here is a great video by Richard Byrne on how to use the new challenge mode on Kahoot.

Kahoot now has an official app (free!). You can interchange using the app with the interface. Both have worked well for me. on Safari will still work just as well, and will be good when using devices that are not your own.

As well, students can browse all the kahoots to play for themselves. If they have a test on molecules, they can try searching for Kahoots can testing their knowledge there.

If you have yet to try teaching with Kahoot, give it a try. It is completely free and just takes a few minutes to set up. There are thousands of already created games that you can use if you don’t have time to create your own. You can even edit other peoples games to tweak for your own students. Sign up for an account at

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr. Cavey says:

    Kahoot is phenomenal. I strongly agree with your last paragraph — all teachers of device-ready classrooms should utilize this platform.

    Q. Do you prefer team mode for the collaboration aspects or out of necessity? I tend to play 1:1 mode in my classes, just because it ensures that every learner is completely engaged. Grade 7-9 students love it.

  2. I tried team mode once. Don’t need it. Even if they’re in teams. It gives too much time I think before the timer starts.

  3. griffinclan says:

    These are just the changes that were needed!

  4. Mia says:

    This is not helping! Were can I actually play Kahoot alone??? Can you tell me please?!

    1. Download the app on a device and search a topic.

  5. Krista Rittinger says:

    How can I send Kahoot to my families so that ONLY THEY can see it?

    1. Find a Kahoot you want to play and press “Assign”. Then copy the code for your family and they can play.

    2. Find the Kahoot game that you want to play, click “Assign”. Choose ending date, then copy the code for your family.

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