iPad Piano Duet

Besides teaching full-time in the classroom, I teach piano on the side. However, I have not performed for a long time. I had the opportunity to do so for a former co-worker’s retirement ceremony last weekend. I invited a good friend, who happened to be a former student of my colleague (from third grade, so eons ago) to play with me. I decided to try having the two of us play four hands on one piano, with two iPads. I located the music on pdf, and, once again, used Goodreader to view the piece. Changing pages simply required a swipe to the left. Much better than using 10 pieces of paper!

It was fun, and we received lots of comments from people saying how they had never seen anything like this.

Here’s the piece, in case you are wondering. First Arabesque by Claude Debussy. This is the upper part:


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  1. Helena Sedan says:

    Wow! I was so busy talking to people and enjoying the music that I didn’t realize what was truly happening. I heard that you both were going to play but I never heard the switch from one piece to the next as I expected. Now I know why.
    Thank-you for your part in making Saturday night so incredibly special. Love ya lots.

    1. Congratulations Helena! What a great evening. It was a pleasure playing for the evening.

  2. What, no video? (would love to hear this piece!)

    1. Wow. Comment on an OLD post 🙂

  3. PS. Do you know that you need a WordPress account to comment?

    1. Are you sure? Cause I get a lot of random commenters, plus spam.

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