App #10: Drop Manager for Dropbox

I have just discovered, downloaded and spent an hour on this app (iTunes link) called Drop Manager. This is a third-party Dropbox app. Since I am currently doing almost all my work without a PC and just on the iPad, I have not previously been able to manage my Dropbox files and sort them into folders. (I know that it can easily be done on any PC with a few mouse drags and clicks). Prior to discovering this app, however, a lot of my Dropbox files were not as organized as I would have wanted. Enter Drop Manager, yet another 99 cent app that will become very useful on the iPad and iPhone. This is a universal app, so you only need to purchase it once for all your devices.

Once the app has been purchased, enter your Dropbox credentials:

Within seconds, you will have access to all your Dropbox files. Not only can you view your files and folders, the beauty of this app is that you can manipulate them. You are able to create new folders and subfolders, rename folders and files, and delete files that you no longer need.

The Operations tab, the far right icon in the bottom of the image above, will give you the following tasks:

1. Create. I was able to create a new folder entitled “to be deleted”. I chose files that I wasn’t sure I could delete and placed them in here.

2. Copy. This function will probably not be used as often, as I’m guessing most people will want to move files and not make a duplicate copy of them

3. Cut. In order to move files or folders, you can select multiple items and click Cut. You will be prompted to find a place to “Paste” them.

4. Rename. You are able to rename all your files AND folders in one screen, all at once:

5. Delete. This is useful to delete any unwanted files to free up space on your Dropbox limit. There is no undo capability so be careful, although they will warn you:

Worth the dollar?

This app is stable and has not crashed on me once. The changes are synced immediately. I had the regular Dropbox app open on my iPhone, and changes to the files were noticed almost simultaneously. Deleted folders disappeared; renamed files changed as well. All in all, I would highly recommend this app if you want to organize your Dropbox files easily from your iPad. It does work on iPhone and iPod touch as well, but the larger screen real estate on the iPad makes managing your files much easier. If you are an avid Dropbox user on the iPad, this app can become one of your indispensable productivity tools.

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