New and innovative ways to better use the iPad in teaching!

How Can I Use My iPad For Teaching? Practical Ways to Get Started

Here is a collection of my articles on teaching with iPads and iPads in Education:

1. Setting up your iPad for projection

2. My current iPad/projector setup

3. Do you use your iPad more for creation or consumption?

4. Another quick tip for Dropbox users.

5. Use your iPad as a interactive whiteboard.

6. Piano teachers can use the iPad to teach.

7. iPads can be used anywhere!

8. iPad piano duet

9. Take a screenshot on your iDevice and save it to your Camera Roll

10. Add up to 3 extra gigabytes of free Dropbox storage!

11. How to redeem iTunes gift cards and promo codes

12. Peace of mind photo and video backup Smugmug

13. Scoop.it! A great collection of articles on iPads in education

14. Free: Save your email attachments directly to Dropbox!

15. Airprint: Wireless printing for your iDevices

16. The new Apple Lightning connector

17. iPad mini: too expensive?

18. iPad mini: First impressions

19: Which iPad are you?

20: 3 more Dropbox tips!

21: Wireless audio in your classroom for under $20!

22. Just get an iPad for Christmas? Here are some extra tips on setting it up.

23. Use the great features of Instragram without having to share the photos online.

24. Set up a second email address to receive FaceTime and iMessages on your second device!

25. Second impressions on the iPad mini

26. A Teachers’ Perspective on using Apple’s Shared Photo Stream.

27. Controversial or not: Get 50GB free online storage with MEGA.

28. Reflector: A great affordable option for mirroring your iPad in your classroom.

29. Here’s an article my colleague and I spent the most time on: How to be a TERRIBLE iPad teacher

30. My Response to: “Our School Would Be Better Off Without iPads”

31. Running out of space? How To Manage Your Storage On Your iPad.

32. Part Two: More data you can delete to save space!

33. This is the PERFECT solution for sharing large projects to parents

34. Effortless syncing between your iOS devices for report cards

35. Five Benefits of iPads in Education

36. Content Creation Apps – Our LIST.

37. Create and Manage All of your RUBRICS on your iPAD.

38. How to prepare your iPad for the new school year.

39. App updates: Should you download them?

40. Do you pay for your own teaching apps?

41. Dropbox for Dummies: Why you shouldn’t need your USB key again

10 comments on “How Can I Use My iPad For Teaching? Practical Ways to Get Started

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  7. friv8
    July 3, 2014

    Thank you for sharing this post and I liked it.

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